The AMTORG basketball team won the A-League

As one of the progressive and forward-thinking consulting companies in Washington DC, AMTORG understands the importance of responsible business; therefore, we place significant attention on contributing to public projects.

Our social investments have been mainly focused on education, healthcare, sports, and social care projects. AMTORG has supported multiple cultural projects, educational institutions, and a wide range of social initiatives.

We have a social responsibility, a constitutional opportunity and a moral obligation to help others. -  Boris Grif, Founder & CEO

And we are very proud to announce that this week AMTORG basketball team won the A-League in Ukraine!

We want to thank everyone on the team for their work! Both the players and the coaching staff, as well as all the members of AMTORG who made this victory a reality.

Your dedication and positive impact in promoting social initiatives make a tangible contribution to the development of a sustainable community.

For its part, the management of AMTORG promises to continue to develop all social projects and achieve new goals in the feature.