Amtorg signed Memorandum of Understanding with Ukrainian NGO Business Incubator Group.Ukraine

Today on March 16 2020 AMTORG signed Memorandum of Understanding with Business Incubator Group.Ukraine.
Business Incubator Group Ukraine - a public association created to bring together representatives of the consulting business, investors, banking institutions, various specialists, students and of course entrepreneurs. 

The purpose of the creation of Business Incubator Group Ukraine is to develop small and medium-sized enterprises in Ukraine.

The basic process of their work with entrepreneurs, business projects includes business expertise, mentoring and consulting based on Pro Bono (free of charge), preparation for investing and lending. 

They have created a methodology that helps them identify the needs of the entrepreneur, help meet those needs, and prepare the business for investment or credit.
The purpose of this Memorandum is to cooperate and coordinate the activities of the Parties for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises in Ukraine. For this purpose AMTORG and Business Incubator Group Ukraine will get into a constructive dialogue with the Ukrainian, US and European governments, international charitable and civic organizations, investors and entrepreneurs.