To spread its mission and provide customers with the best possible services, AMTORG builds coalitions around the world with frontline civil society organizations, academic institutions, fact checking teams, civic tech groups, and others whose work aligns with the AMTORG's mission and who want to deepen their coordination and share their knowhow around the world.
Working collectively, we can combine resources
and have a greater impact
Coalition's benefits:
  • 1
    Enlarges our base of support, networks and connections; gives strength in numbers: we can achieve more together than we can alone
  • 2
    Provides safety for our efforts and protection for members who may not be able to take action alone, particularly when operating in a hostile or difficult environment
  • 3
    Magnifies existing financial and human resources by pooling them together and by delegating work to others in the coalition
  • 4
    Enhances the credibility and influence of an coalition campaign, as well as that of individual coalition members
  • 5
    Facilitates exchange of information, skills, experience, materials, opportunities for collaboration etc
  • 6
    Brings together a diverse range of people and organizations. Diversity can strengthen a campaign by broadening perspective and understanding of the issue


Memorandum of Understanding for Cooperation and Collaboration with NGO HERO.UA.
The Non-governmental organization HERO.UA is a well-known charitable organization whose main task now is to improve the social situation in the country and help children from all over Ukraine, and especially from Donbass, develop their talents and realize themselves in life. The organization is headed by a popular media figure and philanthropist Yaroslav Pilunsky.
Memorandum of Understanding with Initiative group Justifai.
The Initiative group Justifai is a non-governmental, non-profit organization of specialists and experts, consisting of lawyers, entrepreneurs and government officials. The goal of the group is to achieve reforms in the legal and judicial systems of Ukraine and to promote the use of advanced scientific and technological achievements in legal practice.

Memorandum of Understanding with The Union of Lawyers of Ukraine.
The Union of Lawyers of Ukraine is a powerful public association of lawyers of Ukraine, which operates in all regions of Ukraine. The number of members is more than 35 thousand lawyers (judges, prosecutors, lawyers, notaries, legal advisers)

Memorandum of Understanding with Ukrainian NGO Business Incubator Group.Ukraine.
Business Incubator Group Ukraine - a public association created to bring together representatives of the consulting business, investors, banking institutions, various specialists, students and of course entrepreneurs. The purpose of the creation of Business Incubator Group Ukraine is to develop small and medium-sized enterprises in Ukraine.
Memorandum of Understanding with NGO Civiс Hub.
This memorandum was signed in order to create a team of professionals whose task will be to develop and gradually implement a program of sociocultural development of Ukrainian society.
NGO "CIVIC HUB" is a non-profit public organization, which consists of responsible public activists and like-minded people with a thirst to change Ukraine for the better. Their mission is to contribute to the formation of civil society in the country. They advocate freedom, responsibility, humanity, virtue and an active citizenship.
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